Four Mesquite Nevada Restaurants That Should Make Your List For Stops

Four Mesquite Nevada Restaurants That Should Make Your List For Stops

There are nearly 10000 restaurants in the state of Nevada, and wouldn’t you know it that almost half are in Las Vegas. However, for this article, we are going to stop by a little city called Mesquite. Have you heard of it or been there before? There are less than 100 restaurants in Mesquite, but that’s still many choices. With those picks likely spread out some, you want to know where to get the best bite to eat in Mesquite, Nevada.

Gregory’s Mesquite Grill even keeps the city’s namesake in mind. It makes you wonder if they use mesquite wood for grilling up some delicious meats. That’s a favorite of Texans when they are grilling up some delicious barbecue, and while this is Nevada, we are talking about, it made me wonder. This establishment is on Mesa Boulevard, and it serves up delicious steak and prime rib as you might expect. This is a steakhouse, not a barbecue restaurant, but hey, that doesn’t mean you can’t find some great barbecue in Mesquite.

Town Square Restaurant is up next, and it is located on Mesa Boulevard ad well. As a matter of fact, this establishment is also known for its prime rib. Prime rib is only one menu item though, and it’s also usually a menu item that indicates you are going to find a great meal at a particular place. Town Square Restaurant is also known for serving up delicious crab legs and so much more.

Sierra’s Buffet is up next, and it is found on East Pioneer Boulevard. You are going to laugh as I tell you that prime rib is on the buffet. Okay, so it seems that the restaurant owners in Mesquite seem to think that prime rib is certainly a must have. You will also find plenty of other foods at Sierra’s Buffet though, and reviews mention it’s actually a great spot for brunch. That’s nice to know about a buffet.

Casa Cafe is the last establishment to make this short list, and it is part of a casino. Are you wanting to hit up the casino and check out one of the best restaurants in Mesquite at the same time? Where can you order a burger, eggs benedict and Kung Pao chicken all in the same breath? That’s going to be a unique place to grab a bite to eat, and I’m sure you will enjoy the other three picks in Mesquite, Nevada as well.